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A TCU (Temp. Control Unit) is primarily used in semiconductor and LCD plants to control the temperature during the Etch or CVD processes to improve the production efficiency. Due to enlargement of wafers, it requires precise control of temperature and Humidity. We are prepared for current trends of technology and what our customer needs.


  • Easy Operation: Optimized footprint with LCD touch screen
  • Easy Maintenance: All gauges showed on front side
  • High Accuracy Temperature: PID Control Application
  • Low Vibration & Low dB
  • Leak Free & High Reliability Parts
  • High Accuracy by Electrode Control
  • Extension of Interface Application: Convertible interface for AMAT, TEL, LAM in one set
  • Customized Chiller: Variable specification, interface type, optional function, etc.
  • Safety: CE & Semi S2 are Available
  • Central Monitoring System (Optional)

Refrigerant Type

Refrigerant Type Basic Diagram


Low TempHigh Temp
Cooling TypeCompressor TypeCompressor Type
Temperature Range-20 °C ~ +80 deg°C-10 °C ~ +80 deg°C
Temperature Accuracy (Idle)±0.1 °C±0.1 °C
Cooling Capacity4800Watts at 20 deg °C4000Watts at 20 deg °C
Max Flow Rate25lpm, 0.5Mpa, 20 °C25lpm, 0.5Mpa, 20 °C
Reservoir Volume19 liter19 liter
DisplayLCD Color Touch Panel (Proface)
InterfaceAnalog / Digital / Serial
Footprint550 x 900 x 1710 (W x D x H)
Electrical Power200-220 VAC, 3 phase, 50/60Hz (breaker: 60A)
Facility Cooling Water20°C (±5°C), 25LPM, 0.3MPa minimum
Cooling Unit5HP Compressor2HP Compressor
Circulation PumpMagnet pump, 2HpMagnet pump, 2Hp
Coolant Port3/4″ Tube Fitting3/4″ Tube Fitting
Facility Cooling Water Port3/4″ Tube Fitting

Temperature Heating and Cooling Time