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Heat Exchanger


  • Shaping the new standard of controlling temperature & Humidity
    Maximized cooling and heating capacity assured to keep temperature uniformity and toroughput
    CJ Tech manufactures a complete line of standard and customized chiller, heat exchanger, THC to meet the specific demands of semi-conductor and LCD fabrications
  • Easy Operation: Optimized footprint with LCD touch screen
  • High Performance for High Temp Range
  • High Accuracy Temperature: PID Control Application
  • Low Vibration & Low dB
  • Leak Free & High Reliability Parts
  • All Stainless Steel for Coolant Tank/Plumbings
  • Extension of Interface Application: Convertible interface for AMAT, TEL, LAM in one set
  • Safety: CE & Semi S2 are Available
  • Improving Response Time

Refrigerant Type

Refrigerant Type Basic Diagram


Model CJ-PCU52W
Item CH1 CH2
Wall Top
Cooling Type Heatexchanger Type Heatexchanger Type
Temperature Range 30 °C ~ 90 deg°C 30 °C ~ 90 deg°C
Temperature Accuracy (Idle) ±0.1 °C ±0.1 °C
Cooling Capacity 4800Watts at 50 deg °C 4000Watts at 20 deg °C
Max Flow Rate 15lpm, 0.5Mpa, 30°C 15lpm, 0.5Mpa, 30 °C
Reservoir Volume 24 liter 24 liter
Coolant FC-3283 FC-3283
Refrigerant N/A N/A
Display LCD Color Touch Panel (Proface)
Interface RS232C, RS485, and Analog
Footprint 440 x 740 x 1145 (W x D x H)
Weight 405kg
Electrical Power 200-220 VAC, 3 phase, 50/60Hz (breaker: 60A)
Facility Cooling Water 20°C (±5°C), 25LPM, 0.3MPa minimum
Cooling Unit Heatexchanger Heatexchanger
Circulation Pump Magnet pump, 1.5Hp Magnet pump, 1.5Hp
Heater 6kW 6kW
Coolant Port 3/4″ Tube Fitting 3/4″ Tube Fitting
Facility Cooling Water Port 1″ Tube Fitting

Temperature Heating and Cooling Time